About The Gentleman's Society


The Gentlemen's Society is a not-for profit social club compiled of like-minded young gentlemen who strive to promote awareness for health, education, mentorship, and community involvement. The term "Gentleman" is something we believe has become a lost art. Our organization meets over dinner once a month to discuss ways that we believe will develop a more rounded "Gentleman". By doing so, we have the opportunity to discuss proper etiquette, explore various philanthropic endeavors in the community, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded Gentlemen."

Purpose / Mission

The mission is to establish and advance a community of Gentlemen shaped by passionate participation, good humor, elegance and humility. Through local grass roots involvement, we will enthusiastically participate as ambassadors for Health, Education, Mentorship, and Community Involvement. A “Gentlemen’s” actions and behavior will display how we desire to be reciprocally regarded by the community. We are men who will not only look to better ourselves, but also the communities in which we live and work through non-profit social service. These are the beliefs and cornerstone values that a “Gentleman” is to be judged and defined by.

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