About Society Foundation

The Society Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using its vast resources to help charities and individuals in need raise money and awareness. Many organizations do not have the resources necessary to do this on their own. Created by lifelong Floridians and some of the state's most prominent business leaders, the Society Foundation provides unparalleled donor access, fundraising support, advocacy consulting, event planning, promotion, marketing resources, infrastructure and support to assist charities in implementing successful fundraising campaigns and events.  In just two years, Society Foundation has helped charities from throughout Florida raise nearly half a million dollars to support a variety of causes.

Fundraising Support

Society Foundation was created by some of Florida's most prominent philanthropists and business leaders to help shepard the fundraising efforts of these efforts.
Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise that allows us to provide unparalled fundraising access and support.
Society Foundation has proudly distributed nearly $1 million in the past two years. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your fundraising needs today!

Advocacy Consulting

When non-profits engage in advocacy they can significantly advance an organization's priorities and fulfill their collective mission.
With a proven ability to develop and coordinate highly successful fundraising efforts and events that attract prominent individuals and businesses generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, Society Foundation can help enhance your organization's advocacy efforts. 
Whether promoting a specific event or helping shape long-term advocacy efforts, Society Foundation can help ensure success.

Event Management

An organization's ability to put on successful and memorable events can increase its fundraising capacity and overall success.

Having a well-managed and unique event can significantly increase and organization's ability to reach its fundraising goals while also providing a rewarding and unforgetable experience for your staff and supporters.

Society Foundation's team can help develop a plan to help an organization put on first-class events. Contact us today to find out more!

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